Saturday, November 24, 2018  at  10:00pm
 Heineken Presents
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show more information on this club/venueat Club Timbuktu Milwaukee
520. E Center
(414) - 265-7000
  Free B/4 11
  Where we go to praise the creator, fuse with other cultures, uplift our spirits. The Dancehall is our fantasy land where fantasies become tangible realities. Church, Court, Classroom, Townhall and the Theatre for the fans. Lighters flashing. Video lighting. Cell Phones Blazing. Sexy Dances. Girls strutting their stuff. Men moving in methodically for "kill". The perfect place for an erotic rendezvous. The most fun you can have with your clothes on.
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About DJ RedMan:
As one classic dancehall song boldly proclaims “Ring the alarm, another sound is dying” it is eerily prophetic of the hottest sensation burning up the dancehalls all across the Midwest and Milwaukee. It used to be said, with much braggadocio that, every night of the week a Stone Love party could be found somewhere in the world. Well, the Selecta Stretch RedMan Movementz under the leadership of DJ RedMan is fast approaching that level of intensity. Although not playing every night around the world, DJ RedMan is definitely playing somewhere around North America every night, treating thousands of eager revelers to their course entitled “Dancehall 101” which originated at Chicago’s infamous Wild Hare Reggae Club. For those not privileged to have yet experienced this movement, let me give you a visual—think church- fire and brimstone – choir shouting – catching the spirit-rolling in the aisles and jumping for joy-church! Now that you got the visual, you can relate on some level to the feeling - no - the “vibe” that is Dancehall 101. For every course, there must be an instructor and the lead instructor for Dancehall 101 is Professor Thompson, a.k.a., “DJ RedMan” actually listed on the Club Timbuktu’s schedule under performers/entertainers instead of DJ. Known for his passion and intensity while whipping the crowd into a frenzy on the mic, he is equally revered and, even feared, for his immense collection of dancehall and roots and culture selections and knowledge. On any given nite when church, I mean, Dancehall 101 is in session, one gets the feeling of being at a rock concert and a revival all at once. From the very first tune until lights Professor RedMan have taken the faithful flock through gyrations, call-and-response and everything in between. When RedMan draws a tune and commands the center stage, he only has to hold up his microphone and the crowd sings out as though they were a congregation shouting AMEN simultaneously pushing lighters in the air and bawling

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