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Seeking Male Pop/Rock Vocalist Age 21-34 with High-Mid/High Range -2000's-Now Music
Were you or are you a 20/30-something who can sing and maybe is doing nothing with your talent? Did you have to take the path of a real job and abandon your passion/hobby? OR are you currently in a band that's not going in the speed nor direction you'd like? How'd you'd like to be on stage by this Fall and making extra cash?

SMART MOUTH is looking for a new male lead vocalist at least 21 years old! We’re looking for a Barry/Tenor with a potentially strong high belt (if Baritone, we can move some super-high songs to our female), pop/rock sound and great “copy cat” skills — it is a cover band after all. Ability to sing harmonies on female-lead songs as well! Someone with great work ethic, memorization, preparation, stage presence, expression, personality, performance!

Located in SE WI. We rehearse in Waterford, WI (30 minutes from Whitewater, Milwaukee, Racine, etc)

Time commitment: rehearse or perform once a week (clarification: once songs/show learned - few rehearsals and mostly gigs)

Members will make $150-$300 per performance

SMART MOUTH is a 2000-now Pop and Alt Rock cover band, playing the hits that we danced to in our bedrooms and in the car. Think: Metro Station, Fall Out Boy, Panic, Bruno Mars, JT, Twenty One Pilots, P!nk, Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne and more! There’s big hole in the collection of bands in MKE for this music. We have a million 80s, Rock and Country bands — but nothing for us millennials!

This male lead will be the star/face of the band along-side of our outstanding female lead. Approximately 20-25 lead vocal songs and approximately 20-25 backups/harmony (will sing on nearly all songs - its a jam!)

Facebook: (info & videos) Smart Mouth

JSONLINE Feature Article:…/smart-mouth-new-sout…/2857694002/

Band's focus is Festivals & Events primarily, with some club dates in off-season. Performances are currently booked with several other opportunities on hold awaiting this vocalist change. All management, leadership, organization and booking is taken care of for the band, which allows our vocalists to be the focal point of the band - they focus on being performers.

The band owns an entire sound system including an In Ear Monitor (IEM) system and a wireless microphone for this new vocalist.

The only question remaining is...
When you watch the videos on Facebook, can you see yourself doing it? If the answer is YES, contact us immediately via Facebook or at

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posted on: 7/3/2019 3:37:55 PM

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