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Pop/Rock Cover Band Seeking Male Tenor/High Tenor
Read all the info below, and if you are into it and feel you're a fit, contact us and we will send you links to the band information.

Seeking a male tenor/high-tenor pop vocalist:

- Vocal range to include Panic!, CeeLo, Fall Out Boy, Bruno, etc.

- Ability to sing harmonies on female-lead songs

- Stage presence, expression, performance

- The right candidate may be a former choir, show choir, pop-choir star (someone who has chops, but has moves too). This said, the right candidate may have chops and no experience. Open to all as long as you check off most of the items on this list.

- Ability to rehearse or perform once a week

About the's the scenario:

- We believe the right guy is an awesome singer/performer who at some point chose to focus on job/career (and now has that aspect in his life stabilized), and is now ready to get back into a performance situation that will not affect his day job.

- Current members of the band all have careers, however the band is their professional hobby - quality of music and performance is extremely important, but the band has a ton of fun (the extra income comes in handy too - its a fulfilling hobby that more than pays for itself). Its an amazing feeling of accomplishment and adrenaline!

- The band rehearses in Waterford, WI (not Watertown - WaterFORD). The band plays mainly SE WI and NE IL

- This male lead will be the star/face of the band along-side of our outstanding female lead

- Will sing approximately 25 lead vocal songs and approximately 25 backups/harmony (will sing on nearly all songs)

About the band:

- As mentioned above, if you are qualified and apply to this add, we'll send you links to everything you'd ever want to know about the band.

- Band's focus is Festivals & Events primarily, with some club dates in off-season

- Performances are booked with several other opportunities on hold awaiting this vocalist change

- Members will make $100-$300 per performance

- All management, leadership, organization and booking is taken care of for the band, which allows our vocalists to be the focal point of the band - they focus on being performers They are the stars.

- The band owns an entire sound system including an In Ear Monitor (IEM) system and wireless microphones for our lead vocalists

- This is the perfect walk-in situation. Everything's all set awaiting this vocalist change. The faster the new guy learns songs, the faster we'll be back out on stage.

Sound good? You a fit? Then contact us.

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