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Looking to make a band for the styles listed in the title, complete songs, make new ones, and mainly perform music I have composed. Lives on the east side of Milwaukee. Need musicians able to play by ear, improvise, and has some knowledge of jazz style, playing, and RnB. There is a list of what types of instrumentalists I am looking for below. You want to know more? Read the Full post, Thanks!

Full Post:

I am a music producer, and I have made all types of music. I have been producing since about 2004. I have a lot of experience, and can record at home, and provide many additions to studio, live, and instrumental (guitar) efforts. I have some music here

I have been thinking about building or trying to gather people for a band for a little while now. I have quite a bit of music that I have produced that can be played live, and or needs a couple of fill in parts to be finished in my opinion.

More about me

I live on the east side of Milwaukee, and we do not have kids. Currently have an pen schedule for listening sessions, working on ideas, and everything. I am open to hearing many ideas, and I am looking forward to building, and growing musically with this said band, bit by bit. I am very flexible musically, and I have produced in many styles from hiphop to orchestral, and experimental styles that you cannot easily attach a genre to.

What I am looking for?

I would like each musician to be experienced, knowing their instrument well, music reading and theory would be awesome, but is not necessary. Playing by ear is VERY important, as well as being able to improvise parts, and some knowledge of jazz chords, and R&B style. I will usually show you a track that is almost finished, or finished, and will most likely have keys, guitar, drums, bass, and other parts finished which will need to be learned. I am patient, and willing to teach the parts as much as I can to each and every one, and can provide sheet music if needed. I will be able to break parts up so you can take time to learn them, perfect them, and leave room for adding in your own flavor (that is a PLUS, BRING MORE FLAVOR!).

What Instrumentalists do I need?

Guitar - Lead - Solo
Guitar - Rhythm
Bass / Slap Bass / Acoustic Bass
Keys / Piano / Synth

What influences?

Jazz - Brian Culbertson, Bob James, Boney James, Soul Ballet, Marion Meadows, Norman Brown, Anomalie

RnB - Joe, Jon B, Donell Jones, Usher (8701 and previous albums), Brian Mcknight, Dave Hollister, Mary J Blidge, Tamia

Rock - Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Eric Johnson, Stef Burns

Hip-hop - 90s - 2000s style, Birocratic, Chillhop or Jazzhop Style, and Lofi

NeoSoul - Floetry, Dwele, Glenn Lewis, Kindred the family Soul, The Foreign Exchange, Raheem Devaughn

That is everything, and might be a lot to digest. If you feel like you are the music man, or woman who is ready to not only jam, but complete and start performing some music PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I look forward to hearing from you, and your music style, and ideas!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and I hope you have an awesome day!!

- Ongaku

Posted by: Ongaku
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posted on: 3/5/2019 9:41:03 AM

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