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Seeking Lead Vocalist - Male and/or Female - Y2K Cover Band
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I've put together two successful cover bands in SE Wisconsin. Both played Summerfest multiple times over the years. Summerfest highlights include headlining Jo Jo's twice, a HUGE Saturday afternoon slot at the Miller Lite stage, and opening for Gin Blossoms. It comes down to covering songs tightly, creativity, professionalism...and agency connections.

As a first step, I’m posting to see if there's any interest out there in what I call a "Y2K Cover Band". Let's face it, the key 21-31 year old live music consumer was born in the late 80’s/early 90's and were in middle school, high school and college in the first two decades of Y2K. This band will play the soundtrack to the best years of their lives. Don’t worry, it wasn’t all Nelle and Snoop Dog…there were at least 1-2 dozen “band songs” each year on the Hot 100. We can easily put together a 3-hour, 36-45 song show no problem.

LEAD SINGER: Again, this ad is just an initial step to see who may be interested in this concept, who is available, and then go from there. We’ll need a male vocalist for sure, but if some female vocalists surface, we could go male and female. Experience not necessary, but talent is (sing in tune, memorization…and obviously with a cover band, the wider range you have, the better). I’m more interested in good pitch, good tone and good range than I am with someone who can change their voice to sound like the original. That is less important to the project. You can have your own sound – no problem.

All things being equal above (in tune, pleasing tone, good pitch, good range and memorization), performance and stage presence is a plus. Playing an instrument is a plus. Ability to sing leads and harmonies a plus. Age is not a factor – but remember we’re shooting for a fan base that’s 21-31, so if you’re 80, it may be a stretch. And if you’re under 21, you better be a monster singer otherwise it won’t be worth sneaking you into bars ;)

If interested, contact me via email. Please give me an overview:

- Name, Gender, Where you live

- Experience (tell me many of the ways you’ve sang…bands, karaoke, choir, etc.)

- Are you currently in a group? Do you think it will be a conflict? If you plan on leaving your current situation…why?

- Why do you want to be in a band? Hobby? Money? Pleasure? Experience? What’s motivating you?

- Do you play an instrument? Can you sing and play, or can you only do them separately – there are no wrong answers here!! …Just curious.

- Have you ever played tambourine or shaker, etc. while singing?

- Can you sing leads and harmonies? Can you switch back and forth? Are you ok with sharing vocals if that scenario presents itself? Again – remember I have no idea how the pieces will come together, so I’m exploring multiple scenarios.

- What else can you tell me?

- What is the best way to contact you?

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posted on: 7/9/2018 7:32:47 PM

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