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Fender USA Telecaster Highway One "Texas", Superb! Great Shape!
No Trades Please.
For sale is one MADE IN USA Fender Highway One "Texas" Telecaster electric guitar. It is in absolutely terrific shape, nearly new condition! The guitar plays extremely nicely, great low action for ease of play. It sounds just as good as a great Tele should, everything works properly on it, including all electronics, three-way switch, volume, tone. No static, no shorts, just clear, crisp tone! There are no major scratches, blemishes, marks on the guitar. However there are 2 very minor scrapes which I have pictures of which I can send you. Both are so small you wouldn't notice them unless you're looking for them. This tele has a very cool matte finish, and has the coveted "dirty" Texas pickup in the bridge position. Everything on guitar is original except clear plexiglass pick guard. However, I do include the original white pick guard with sale in case you like that better. I loved the finish on this guitar so much that I bought a clear pick guard so I could show off the finish. Neck is straight and truss rod functions properly, no buzzing on any string/fret that I can detect. It's in wonderful playing condition, looks nearly new, sounds fabulous! Made in USA. Comes with Fender hard shell case HSC. $800.00 please.
I take very good care of all my equipment, and never abuse it. Please inquire for more pics, I'll be glad to send them to you!
Price is based on what I see other Highway One Telecasters selling for, mainly on ebay. Most of these on ebay are between $800-1200 (not including shipping), and so far I have yet to see a single one that comes with a HSC. A few of them don't even include a gig bag. My official Fender case cost around $80 new, and is included in my asking price. Come on over and try it out! It plays slick as butter!

From the company:
Genuine ash body and American manufacturing at a killer price.
Designed in Scottsdale, Arizona, and made in Corona, California, the Fender Highway One Texas Telecaster Electric Guitar is a genuine American Tele with a one-piece '52 maple neck with 12" radius, U.S. vintage hardware, jumbo frets, and vintage string-thru-body 3-saddle bridge with brass barrels. It's a journeyman's dream at a down-to-earth price.

Made in U.S.A.
Ash body
One-piece '52 maple neck
Hot vintage pickups
Jumbo frets
U.S. vintage hardware
Jumbo frets
Vintage string-through-body 3-saddle bridge with brass barrels

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posted on: 3/11/2018 2:04:41 PM

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