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Experienced bass player looking for a heavy band
This is who I am. I'm a forty three year old bass player. Not ready to be done. Not by a long shot. I've been playing all of my adult life, and then some. I've been in gigging bands for nearly as long. Quite a few of them. Hangman, Rictus Grin, Dark Grave, The Joe Gajan Group, ect... My last band, Samyaza, broke up in September after six years. Looking to find another original metal band. Not really looking to do death metal. It doesn't excite me like it did twenty years ago. Not really looking to do nu-metal or industrial, either. Of course, if the right band comes along and I find it exciting, I'll obviously be interested no matter what genre of music it is. I don't really care for covers. I'm already in a cover band with some fantastic musicians. Other than that, I'm fairly open. I'm also open to starting something new. Not afraid to put the work of getting a new project off the ground. Would actually kinda prefer it. It allows me to put some of my stamp on the musical direction.

What do I want?

In no order...

1. I want to be in a band that practices multiple times a week. That has productive, yet fun practices.
2. A band that plays out at least twice a month, but preferably more. And not just in Milwaukee, but all over the state and out of state as often as possible. Shows are the payoff for me that makes all the work that gets put into the band worth it.
3. I want to be in a band where my creative input is valued, but where I'm not writing ninety percent of the riffs. I'm not looking to do a solo project. It gets tiring doing most of the creative heavy lifting.
4. I want to record a full length album at least once every two years. It really helps with remaining relevant on the scene. It helps with keeping folks coming to your shows if you always have new stuff.
5. I want to make music with people I get along with. Seriously, it makes things easier. A band should be like family. You're going to have disagreements from time to time, but there should be no hard feelings at the end of the day. This kinda goes hand in hand with fun and productive practices.
6. I want to make music that I find exciting. I've done a lot of different stuff. I listen to a lot of different stuff. I want to do something heavy. I'm open to doing something more musical. I would love if I found the songs to be a little challenging. Also, I've never been much of a fan of "Five Finger Lamb of Avenged SevenKnot Teeney-Bopper Core". But hey, if you think that you can change my mind... But I still want it to be heavy. Not punk. Not classic rock. Hell, I'm currently already in a classic rock cover band...
7. I would prefer not to be the only dude with a truck...
8. I don't want to do pay to plays.
9. While I am cool with most of the musicians that I've ever been in bands with, there are a couple that I refuse to play shows with because I'm happier without them and their drama in my life.
10. I would prefer to be in a band with people my age, but it's not a deal breaker either way. It makes things a little easier if we can all relate somewhat to music, but I'm not afraid to have my eyes and ears opened to new music. A lot of times it's exciting. There's also not a whole lot of guys my age who still really want to do it.
11. I would love to be in a band with experienced musicians. At least somewhat. Not sure if I still have the time or patience to teach somebody how to be in a band...
12. I would really rather not be in a two guitar band. There are a lot of reasons. Most of the time the second guitar doesn't deviate from the first, and is therefore redundant. Or the second guitar does add his own thing to the song and paints me into a corner, where I'm forced to double the guitar, and then I'm redundant. I've found that bands tend to last longer with fewer conflicts when they don't have a lot of moving parts. Less really is more.
13. I don't want to drive a hundred miles away for practice.
14. Not a fan of practicing on weekends. Seriously. Weekends are for gigging. If you have a show out of state on a Saturday night and don't get home until six on Sunday, are you really going to practice that day, or are you going to cancel? How about family get-togethers or date nights on the weekends when there are no shows? Too many things tend to get scheduled on weekends that take priority over practice, in my experience.

So... I essentially want to be in a functioning full-time band. I want music to be fun again. I want to be in a band that wants to play a lot of shows. I want something that is going to make me get better as a musician. Hopefully, I'm not asking too much. I'm more than willing to put the work in to get the right project off the ground. Even if it means just starting off as me and a drummer...

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