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$225/OBO - Fender Powerstage 100 Stage Monitor Stage Amp with Cord
Fender Powerstage 100 Stage Monitor, Type PR 306, Serial Number M319153

Acts as a complete PA system especially suited for the solo performer. The key is the Detachable Wired Remote Control Panel...

The Powerstage has a Detachable Wired Remote Control Panel that mounts on a mic stand, so it is right where you need it.
It has 5 different inputs (XLR Mic 1, XLR Mic 2, Instrument, RCA Stereo Line In, TRS Aux in) with 15V Phantom Power.
It also has a very effective EQ /feedback fighter consisting of:
Bass/Treble Boost with Bypass Switch
Variable Corner Low Pass Filter (Designed to attenuate low frequency noise or "stage rumble")
Two Variable Center Frequency 200Hz to 2kHz
Low Notch Filter, Variable Center Frequency 200Hz to 2kHz
High Notch Filter, Variable Center Frequency 600Hz to 6kHz

For outputs, it has 1/4" Xpander Output (That could be used with a powered monitor like the Fender 1270P for expansion), 1/4" Stereo Headphone Jack, and it has a TRS effects send/return.

The Coaxial Speaker System has a 12" woofer and horn behind a metal grille.

The cabinet is Carpet Covered and has a pole mount for a speaker stand. If not used on a stand it has 3 angles of Orientation: 45, 25 and 0.

It looks like a monitor when using the 45 or 25 orientation. It has a cool trick that works great for when it's used as a personal monitor - Mic 1 has a pass thru that allows you to plug your mic into the monitor before passing it on the mains. This means you have a knob on the wired remote that gives you a "more me" control for your monitor, so you are no longer at the mercy of the soundman!

Very nice cosmetic and working condition. Can be used upright or on it's sides.

I don't have a guitar right now, but feel free to use yours and fire it up to take a listen.

I can be reached by text, phone or e-mail. If calling please leave a v-mail if I don't answer.

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posted on: 6/21/2017 9:59:55 PM

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